police have a hard job and most try their best to be fair and honest. 
It is the minority of police that are deceitful, dishonest and
manipulative and those are the ones that society needs protection from. 
There is no reason in this day and age to not have recordings of any
police stop.  The cost of video recording equipment is minor and the
ability to record events in real time is enormous.  At least
one state, South Carolina, has a mandatory video recording law that
applies on all stops.
interesting thing is that it was a passerby who videoed the officer who
shot and is charged with murdering a black man in  North Charleston,

gas stations, big box stores, convenience stores and banks all are
video recording us and their employees, it is time that the police and
their interactions with citizens should be required to be recorded.  It
is good for society to have real time evidence that can help exonerate
the innocent and prove cases against the guilty.  Video recording will
also prevent rogue officers from corrupting our justice system. It makes
sense that we as citizens need to demand video recording of all police
interactions and interrogations.

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