Cost of a DWI in New Hampshire
am frequently asked “how much will a DWI cost me?”  The ultimate expenditure depends upon many
variables.  One thing is certain: a DWI
conviction will be very expensive.  This
article will provide an analysis of the current costs associated with a DWI
conviction in the State of New Hampshire, while emphasizing the importance of
retaining qualified counsel.
most effective way to avert the expense of a DWI is to avoid a conviction.  Two obvious ways to do so are to abstain from
all use of drugs and/or alcohol when operating a vehicle or to use a designated
driver.  While it is not against the law
to drink and drive in New Hampshire, doing so will certainly expose you to the
possibility of an arrest and conviction.
you have been arrested, you should immediately seek out a qualified DWI
attorney.  Hiring the best DWI lawyer
based on reputation, experience, trial skill and knowledge will increase the
likelihood of avoiding a conviction.  I
routinely get referrals from other lawyers, police officers and judges.  You should ask professionals in the field who
they would hire if they were in trouble.
you get what you pay for?  There are many
lawyers who claim to defend DWI cases. 
Often times, you will find that these lawyers charge very little to
represent you and frequently plead a case out to mandatory minimums.  A lawyer that focuses much of their caseload
on DWI defense is regularly going to trial on behalf of clients and is
successful in winning those cases. 
During your search for a qualified defense attorney, it is imperative
that you ask him or her when they last won a DWI trial.  The expense of a true DWI lawyer pales in
comparison to the cost of a DWI conviction. 
You cannot afford to hire anyone but the best.
list below represents the expenses associated with a DWI based on information
gathered in 2012. 
Towing Fee                                         $150
Commissioner Fee                       $40
analysis                                        $150
Transcript                                   $250
Fees                                        $500-$3,000  (Private Investigator, Toxicologist, etc.)
Lawyer fees                                        $1,500-$7,500                                                                                                                                (varies
based on reputation, experience and history)
fine                                            $620-$1,200
(mandatory minimum to maximum)
Recording                                   $25
interlock                                  $200 initial setup / $75 monthly fee
for 2 years
SR-22                                                $500-$700
required for three years                                                             (liability
only, non owner policy)
increase for 5 years             $5,500
(based on a married person, good credit history,                                                             newer
vehicle, home owner, in Coos County, rates vary                                                             considerably based on insurance
history and criteria)
fee                                              $585
(first time offender class)
II                                              $1,550
(second or Aggravated offender class)
Residential Treatment                     $4,935
(third offender class)
reinstatement                          $100
total expected financial cost of a DWI for a person located in Coos County, New
Hampshire ranges between $10,000 to $18,000.00. 
This estimate does not include any lost income from missed work
opportunities, the need to pay for rides or transportation, and the loss of
company vehicles or benefits.  Additionally,
the increased cost of insurance will vary incredibly from one person to another
based on prior history and projected risk factors calculated by insurance companies.
sources, not specific to New Hampshire, estimate the cost of a DWI to be
between $9,000 and $20,000 (see links:
cost of a DWI conviction is very serious. 
If you have been charged with a DWI it is important that you immediately
consult with a DWI lawyer who has the experience, skills and ability to help
win your case. 
This article was submitted by Leonard D.
Harden of Harden Law Offices.
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