This is the latest state lab with issues.  This issue is reoccurring
across the country. It affects real people’s lives. The findings should
be based on science but increasingly the police bias has corrupted the

Massachusetts has charged a former criminal analyst
Anne Dookhan with tampering with evidence. A second Massachusetts
analyst Sonja Farak is being prosecuted for falsifying  evidence. Now
Colorado is coming forward with issues.

There have been
problems in Houston, San Francisco, Santa Clara, North Carolina (Duane
Deaver), FBI, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New
York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas. 

A scientist should be
independent of police agencies. In NH the forensic lab is run by the
Department of Safety. The same department that contains the NH State
Police and major crimes.

Labs and analysts need to be
independent. As long as they are part of the prosecution team, justice
will be denied. Liberty is too important to permit bias into the lab

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