This is a link to an article written by Khela McGann in the November 23rd edition of The Littleton Courier that covers one of my recent cases.

The American justice system is the best in the world. The system sometimes makes mistakes and can cause people undue hardships both physically and emotionally.  However, I truly believe that our system works, sometimes as in this case it takes time and persistence but eventually it will work. 
I had the honor of representing Robert Koczur and defending him in a jury trial in Grafton County Superior Court.   The jury made a finding against him, and despite my best efforts I was unable to convince the trial court to overturn that conviction.  My client had confidence in me and we continued to pursue justice.  In Mr. Koczur’s case that justice came from an appeal to the NH Supreme Court where we were able to have the conviction overturned and an acquittal was entered.  The Attorney General’s Office confessed error and acknowledged that there was insufficient evidence to proceed.  This unusual step by the State meant the end of the criminal case and that Mr. Koczur was confirmed not guilty.
Criminal cases are often very hard on a person’s health and welfare.   The stress and aggravation endeared can be difficult.  I pride myself on trying to explain the process to client’s and helping them through a tough period in their lives.

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