Snowmobiles, ATVs and other off highway recreational vehicles are included under the motor vehicle code for DWI/ DUI laws in NH for driving under the influence at  RSA 265-A:2 and aggravated driving while intoxicated at  RSA 265-A:3. These laws make it illegal to operate any OHRV or snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or with a blood alcohol concentration greater than .08% or .02% if less than 21 years old.  There is no requirement for a public way or road open to the public.

NH defines a snowmobile at RSA 215-C:1
as meaning any vehicle propelled by mechanical power designed to travel
over ice or snow supported in part by skis, tracks, or cleats. NH defines an OHRV at RSA 259:69
any mechanically propelled vehicle used for pleasure or recreational
purposed running on rubber tires, tracks, cushion of air, or other
unimproved terrain whether covered by ice snow or not, where the driver
sits in or on the vehicle.  This means if you have a motor on any vehicle the DWI/ DUI law applies.

The DWI/ DUI laws in NH apply to operators on private or public land whether they are operating on trails, road, rivers, or lakes.  These strict laws carry potential loss of driver’s privileges, fines, impaired driving courses and increased insurance costs.  Attorney Harden has proven track record of defending these cases and it is important to consult with him as soon as possible if you are charged he is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  CONTACT LEN HARDEN

NH law also mandates that a person suspected of being under the influence must consent to a breath or blood test to determine a blood alcohol concentration or face an administrative loss of driver’s license through the DMV.  RSA 265-A:4 Implied Consent

NH has some of the best snowmobiling trails with over 7,000 miles of trails available.  NH Snowmobile Trail Map. In particular the North Country has an intricate set of interconnected trails and authorized roadways that enable you to enjoy traveling through remote sections of the Great North Woods and the White Mountains.

The trails are closely monitored by NH Fish and Game and the DWI/ DUI laws are also strongly enforced by law enforcement.  It is important to know the potential consequences of a DWI/ DUI conviction and who to turn to if you are charged.  Penalties

Attorney Harden has practiced DWI/ DUI defense in the North
Country for over 20 years and is intimately familiar with the nuances of
defending snowmobile or OHRV cases.  If  you’re in need of a DWI/ DUI lawyer with years of experience and a history of winning snowmobile or OHRV DWI/ DUI related cases in NH, contact Attorney Len Harden today.


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