Professional Testimonials

Coos County Attorney John G. McCormick has publicly recognized, acknowledged and labeled “Leonard Harden as a criminal defense attorney specializing in DWI and criminal defense” in court pleadings on June 5, 2015. The County Attorney is a constitutionally elected official and is the chief law enforcement officer in the County. The County Attorney works under the NH Attorney General. He is charged with prosecution of felonies and misdemeanors and appeals from the district courts. In addition to working with the Attorney General, the County Attorney works primarily with the Sheriff’s Department, NH State Police and local police departments. The office works closely with the Victim Witness Program that was created to ensure the rights of victims are protected and reducing the impact that a crime and resulting involvement in the criminal justice system has on the lives of victims and witnesses.

“I endorse this lawyer. Len Harden is a well known member of the prestigious National College of DUI Defense. He knows the science. That’s important because nearly all DUI defenses require a scientific defense. What you don’t know, if that most lawyers who practice DUI defense have little knowledge of the science. You must beware when searching for a truly talented and educated DUI lawyer. Look no further. It’s Len Harden.” Mary Prevost DUI & DWI Attorney – Fellow lawyer in community

“I have known Len Harden for more than 10 years as the “go to” guy in Northern New Hampshire for all matters involving DUI in NH. Even though I am a DWI defense lawyer in New Jersey, Mr. Harden’s reputation is known and respected across the country. If I were arrested anywhere near Lancaster, I would hire Leonard Harden as my lawyer.” Evan M. Levow, NJ Attorney

My name is Jamie Balagia and I am known as the DWI Dude in the Central to South Texas areas. I have known Len Harden for over a decade and wanted to write an endorsement of his services. I first met Len at a national DWI seminar and was immediately impressed by his involvement in trail strategy discussions, his desire to learn more and his commitment to excellence in representing his clientele. Over the years, I kept running into Len at various national DWI functions and our friendship strengthened. I learned to deeply appreciate Len as we began to share thoughts and information about representing our clients to the best level possible. We found a common bond in our desire to give our very best efforts to be the very best trial lawyers possible.

Len Harden is a lawyer with deep character, a quick wit and a thorough knowledge of the court system. He is a winner and I am proud to put my name on this endorsement as a friend and colleague. Len spends a lot of time away from his family to advance his proficiency in his law practice. He is a no nonsense dude when it comes to taking care of business. Len Harden is definitely my “go to guy” when I am I asked to refer someone to a lawyer in his areas. Jamie “the Dude” Balagia

“Len is an outstanding attorney who has taken the extra steps to get specialized DUI training so he knows more about DUI defense than any other person in the courtroom. Great litigator and great communicator and I highly recommend Len to anyone needing an attorney in New Hampshire.” John Hunsucker, DUI & DWI Attorney, Fellow lawyer in community

“I have seen Attorney Harden teach other lawyers about DWI cases. I know he has been through the highest levels of training, and he brings that skill and knowledge to bear on every case. Attorney Harden represents the best of this country’s DWI defense bar. Any motorist would do very well to hire him.” David Brengle Criminal Defense Attorney, Fellow lawyer in community

“It is with great pride that I endorse Len. He is the type lawyer everyone wants representing them. He is smart, articulate, knows the law—but most of all he believes n his clients and fights for them all the way. I am glad to endorse my friend, colleague and fellow warrior.” Bruce Edge DUI & DWI Attorney, Fellow lawyer in community

“I am very happy to endorse Len Harden as a true expert and attorney in DUI defense. Unfortunately, what many people facing a DUI don’t know is that there are literally hundreds of attorneys in any metro area who will handle their DUI. However, maybe only a handful of these…” Christopher Cessna DUI & DWI Attorney, Worked together on matter

“I have known Len Harden for several years and believe that he is one of the elite DWI lawyers in New Hampshire. He works hard for his clients and will fight for them even if the case seems unwinnable. His trial skills are second to none and he is very articulate, intelligent and personable. Without a doubt, I would recommend Len.” Donald Blaszka DUI & DWI Attorney, Fellow lawyer in community

“I’ve known Len through the National College of DUI Defense and through attending the Forensic Science for DUI Lawyers conference in New Orleans this year. Len Harden is a lawyer’s lawyer. He is an expert on Standard Field Sobriety Tests and breath testing. I know Len cares…” Lawrence Newman DUI & DWI Attorney, Fellow lawyer in community

“I have known Len Harden for years and I’ve had the chance to watch him in court first hand. He is an outstanding DWI champion. I refer clients who get arrested for any crime in the North Country to Len Harden without reservation. There is no need to call any one else for DWI defense in the North Country.” Mark Stevens DUI & DWI Attorney, Fellow lawyer in community

“Attorney Harden is well-regarded in his field of practice. He has the necessary and requisite reputation, knowledge and experience to successfully and artfully defend the citizen among us who has been accused by the government. He is a successful and well skilled litigator.” Justin McShane DUI & DWI Attorney , Fellow Lawyer

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Len is one of the most creative and aggressive DWI defense lawyers in NH. He will go the extra mile to defend his client and challenge the state’s case at every turn. His knowledge of the science behind breath testing and blood testing is second to none. I would not refer a North Country DWI defense to any other attorney.” Michael Bowser DUI & DWI Attorney, Fellow lawyer

“Leonard D. Harden is the most skilled, experienced and tenacious DWI and criminal defense lawyer in the north country of NH. He is well-known throughout the region for trying difficult cases, including cases with complex scientific issues in dispute – and often winning them. I have heard prosecutors, police officers and lawyers alike comment on his courtroom skill and dedication to his clients.” Ted Lothstein, Lothstein Guerriero, PLLC

“Look no further then Len Harden north of Franconia Notch for your DUI/DWI attorney. Members from both sides of the bar laud has trial skills and his experience speaks for itself. His knowledge of the ever-growing scientific complexities involved in DUI/DWI defense is second to none. When clients need a referral after getting arrested in the North Country I send them to Len.” Jim Cowles, Esq., Walker & Varney