A DWI record or other serious offense can keep you barred from Canada. Having a DWI on your record can get you banned from visiting
Canada.  Drunken driving is considered an indictable offense in Canada.  If you have a DWI you will have to wait at
least five years and complete lengthy paperwork to be considered for admission.  It is presumed that you are rehabilitated after ten years.

One of the collateral consequence of a DWI conviction is that Canada will bar entry and if you are found in Canada with a DWI or many other offenses you can be charged with a crime in Canada.  There are also many interpretations by the Canadian Border Agents that would prohibit a reckless driving, negligent driving or other lesser offenses.

As Canada prepares to enact Canada’s Cannabis Act, which legalizes recreational marijuana. This law will take effect in October. There is a growing concern that the enforcement of this bar against DWI offenders will have a larger impact.  Canada is going to crack down even harder on DWI offenders.

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If you have business or vacation plans to go to Canada it is important to understand that the law is about to become even more strict.  If you have entry concerns it is best to contact an immigration attorney.  Sentencing-Severity-Surge-Dui-Conviction is an arctile written by Attorney Marisa Feils, of Montreal, QC who recently spoke at a NHACDL seminar.

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