The White Mountains have fantastic ski areas with great terrain and views.  People come from all over New England and beyond to make turns, enjoy views, be outside and vacation.  The local ski areas include:  Loon, Cannon, Bretton Woods, Cranmore, King Pine, Black Mountain, Wild Cat, Attitash, and Waterville Valley.

My family and I enjoy skiing and living in the White Mountains.  As a DWI/ Criminal defense lawyer I have had many occasions to represent people who get arrested while on vacation or traveling in our area.  I know the area and am ready to defend against any allegations or charges.  I have defended skiers and riders routinely appearing in Plymouth, Littleton, Lancaster, Conway and Berlin District Courts to defend citizens accused of DWI among other crimes.


Part of  a ski vacation includes having down time relaxing over food and drinks.  As you probably know each of these ski areas have bars and restaurants as well as nearby facilities to help travelers get refreshed.  There are many great options for après ski in northern NH.  There are no laws against skiing and drinking but as it is a dangerous sport and it is wise to be cautious and to be mindful so that you remain safe.  The laws about drinking après skiing are commonly referred to as DWI laws.


I am frequently asked “how much is too much?”  or “how long will a drink affect me?”   The answer is it depends, but  science and toxicology use an estimate that helps understand appropriate limits.  A 150 pound person should to be able to eliminate or process one 12 ounce 5% percent beer,  one 6 ounce 14% glass of wine or one ounce 40% alcohol drink per hour.   This amount and percent is determined to be a drink unit.

In practical terms this formula means that it would take a 150 pound person about 3 drinks in an hour to obtain or be close to .08% blood alcohol content (BAC) which is the legal limit for impaired driving in NH.

So if a person weighs 200 pounds it that would mean it takes about 4 drinks and if they are 120 pounds it would be 2.5 drinks.  There are differences based on body mass, muscle content, gender and drinking experience these and other factors can adjust the amounts up and down.  Bear in mind the average safe number is that a 150 pound person will eliminate 1 drink per hour.




So the answer to how much is too much is a personal matter but it is wise be smart and think ahead.  As such it is always smart be be safe and have a designated driver or use a shuttle service such as provided in Lincoln, Woodstock when you enjoy après skiing.




Attorney Harden has practiced DWI/ DUI defense in the North Country for almost 300 years and is intimately familiar with the nuances of defending DWI and criminal cases.  If  you’re in need of a DWI/ DUI  or criminal defense lawyer with years of experience and a history of winning cases in NH, contact Attorney Len Harden today.









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