NH currently has one man sentenced to be executed by the state.  Michael Addison was found guilty and sentenced to die on December 2008.  Capital murder is the only crime punishable by execution. 

Addison was raised by a broken family, had a troubled life in a drug
ridden, violent neighborhood of housing projects in Roxbury, MA.  He is a
poor black man with a horrible record dating back to his teen years.

Brooks was the second man charged with capital murder by AG Ayotte.  Mr
Brooks was a multimillionaire charged and convicted of hiring men to
kidnap and kill a man.  Mr. Brooks was a president of PolyVac Inc. He
was privileged and freely spent money to present the best defense

It is impossible to fairly administer State murder. 
Current US Senator Ayotte as Attorney general prosecuted Michael Addison
and John Brooks.  There are many who believe these prosecutions were
political in nature.  The last capital case tried before Addison was in

It is also disturbing to know that the poor black man
from Roxbury is scheduled to die by NH, while the rich white man is
sentenced to life without parole.

There simply is no fairness
when race, money, and politics interact.  the following article
addresses the last line of defense and highlights some issues with
capital punishment in the United States


Mr. Elmore was released last week after three trials.

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