If you have just been arrested then you have likely had one of the worst days of your life.  You are likely confused, ashamed and afraid.  You are concerned about what to tell your spouse, employer or family. You have racing thoughts and lots of questions.

I have represented people charged with crimes for over 25 years.  There are very few scenarios that I have not encountered before and it is this experience which I believe helps clients understand, accept and work through the stress of an arrest and subsequent criminal case.

I frequently say that the best thing you can do it live normally and get help immediately. It is important that if you have been arrested that you contact the best defense lawyer you can as soon as possible.  There are many benefits to hiring a quality defense lawyer early on in the process.

Here are four reasons to contact a criminal defense lawyer.  First, a criminal defense lawyer will be able to explain the process to you so that you understand what should happen next.  Second, a criminal defense lawyer will have a proven strategy on how to address and assist in your defense.  Third, if involved early a good defense lawyer may be able to collect evidence and preserve it before it is lost thorugh the use of a private detective. Finally, a defense attorney will have the ability to enact a plan that provides you with the best defense available and advise on how to proceed.

Another common mistake citizens charged with a crime make is talking about the charges or sharing information.  One of the most important things to bear in mind is that sharing information is a bad idea.  If there is one single piece of advice that a defense lawyer can almost always say it is to “keep your mouth shut.”  This includes social media, do not post or say anything on facebook, pinterest, or message boards. There is almost no good that will come from sharing information after an arrest has been made.

If you are arrested it is imperative that you contact a professional criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.  I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help people who have been arrested or experienced an emergency.

I have three offices in northern New Hampshire: Lancaster, Littleton and Lebanon.  You can also contact me by text at my Lancaster office number 603-788-2080.


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