It is interesting
that the Union Leader, a typically right wing newspaper covering NH,
published an opinion about some of the problems surrounding the war on
drugs.  As the true cost of the war on drugs becomes clear, the left
and right should come together to realize the only rational conclusion
is to end the war on drugs and look to treatment and education.  The
decriminalization by Portugal as well as the end of alcohol prohibition
in the United States show how criminalization simply fails. Portugal and
the prior US experiment also show a clearly better solution through
regulation and control.
of the more coherent thoughts underlying this article is that “the
punishment for a crime should not exceed the cost to society of the
crime.”  For example if you are found in possession of a single pill of
oxy you should not be labeled a felon, you should get counseling and
help for an addiction.  If you are found with marijuana you need not be
tagged as a criminal.   As a defense lawyer, I routinely see people who
have good families, careers and a bright future get caught with drugs
and face the prospect of incarceration, embarrassment and financial
ruin.  I have also witnessed firsthand how the criminal justice system
fails to end drug use and actually may encourage other dysfunctional
behavior.  The incarceration of drug offenders often costs jobs, homes,
financial ruin and loss of family supports.  The only rational solution
is to treat users who want to stop and educate everyone about the real
consequences of drugs.  The other aspect of a true rational drug policy
would be to regulate drugs enabling taxation and to ensure safe drugs. 
The American experience with alcohol prohibition should be applied to
drug prohibition. 

Thank you to the Union Leader and John Stossel for showing what an utter failure the war on drugs in America has become.

Article: Drug war doing more harm than good? | New Hampshire OPINION02

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