Case Name:
State v. Dorothy F.
Court Location:
Grafton County Superior Court, Littleton District Division and
Client initially charged with a DWI, and ALS refusal then
disorderly conduct and reckless conduct. 
We won the ALS as state was unable to prove impairment at time of
driving.  The State then dropped the DWI
and misdemeanor charges due to imminent failure in District Court. 
State threatened to bring felony reckless conduct if client
refused to plead to a misdemeanor. 
Client did refuse as she was looking at graduate school.  State obtained a felony reckless conduct
A Grafton County jury heard this case on February 13, 2013
and returned a not guilty verdict.
Facts were that a vehicle was found in middle of Route 142
with no hazards on at about 2:30 AM. 
Client was located at her apartment about 4:30 AM.
Summary of Outcome:
Not guilty of all charges and ALS victory
February 13, 2013
Type of Case:
Criminal Law, DWI and Administrative License Suspension.

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