Client Testimonials

Thank you for your email.i tried to reach you last week but it didn’t go through.thank you for All your help from the beginning till now.I am now in the final last stages of getting back to normal.I have DMV clearance and certificate to finally get rid of the intoxilate device.I can highly recommend you for anyone who has the misfortune of drinking and driving and to think they are smart enough to get away with it and have enough money to throw away they’re totally wrong.The Money i spent I could have paid off three credit cards.Once again if I have a friend or stranger who needs your services I will definitely tell them to reach out to you.Thanks again for helping me and wife. – RB

My son was referred to Len from his DUI attorney in another state. Len was very responsive and helpful in helping me understand NH rules regarding suspension and coordination between states. I felt his advice was given without conflict of interest. We appreciate his candor and would recommend him highly. – KB

Attorney Harden worked hard and diligently on my case. His thorough knowledge of the legal and court procedures resulted in the best possible outcome for my situation. I was comfortable with how he handled my case. He was responsive, informative and patient with all my questions. Fair and reasonable on price without hidden fees. Highly recommended-Thank you! – S

I first reached out to Attorney Harden a day after I was issued my DUI citation. It was a Sunday, and he was extremely prompt in his response and kindly gave me a call the same day to discuss my case. I was issued a DUI after the police found me asleep in my car with the engine running on a cold winter evening in New Hampshire. I failed the sobriety and breathalyzer test. After my discussion with Len regarding my case, I found him to be extremely professional and knowledgeable which gave me full confidence to go ahead and represent me. Given this was my first offense, I explained that I was very concerned how it would affect my medical license moving forward. Len was very transparent throughout the whole process and was able to inform me what to expect during every step of the journey from the ALS hearing to my Court date. He was able to answer all of my questions, took the time to explain matters which I needed clarification on and was always a phone call away.

Len fought hard for my case and managed to get my DUI impairment charges dismissed. I am extremely grateful for this outcome as this resulted in no criminal conviction and hence protects my medical license. I cannot thank Len enough for helping during a very stressful period in my life. It was very comforting to know that he was by my side and someone who tirelessly looked for ways to win. I was happy that his name was the first recommended on Google when I was searching for a local DUI lawyer. I would not hesitate to contact Attorney Harden if you are seeking a knowledgeable, professional and compassionate lawyer to represent you. Thank you Len for all of your help. – JD

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help during that time. After I got the intoxilate device installed it was totally difficult to use and with no prior knowledge of how to use it other than the dealership service department, I almost caused a major traffic jam in Littleton with a lockdown possibility. I had to call a tow truck to get me back home. After that I decided to take your advice and not drive at all. I felt it was a safety risk not only for me but anyone on the road if my car was locked out. Working across the street from where I live definitely helped with that decision. i am now finally removed from intoxilate from the DMV. So for anyone who needs the help that I required I would not hesitate to have them reach out to you. You saved me from so many situational effects of my offences. So Thank you very much for what you done for me and my wife and life. take care and have a great thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. Thanks again. – RB

I would just like to thank you for how much you and your team were able to help me despite the circumstances of my case not being entirely in my favor. It was apparent after my initial phone call with you that you were very professional and experienced in your field of expertise. You resolved my situation skillfully and swiftly. I’m glad a friend of mine was able to recommend you and I appreciate everything you did to help me out. – JA

Thank you so much, you have saved me from losing my housing, my benefits and my kid.
Thanks for everything!
– DB

I am reaching out in gratitude for your efforts in helping me with my motor vehicle lawsuit last summer (2021). I was very impressed with you and your team’s promptness, especially being that our first correspondence occurred when you were on a family vacation. Your calm and polite demeanor during our first couple of phone calls really instilled confidence in me that you were someone who could help me. As we started to review my case your knowledge of local law enforcement and your understanding of the judicial system really shined through. Your ability to navigate within the judicial system to completely remove my criminal record and significantly decrease points/charges against my license was outstanding. I am most definitely grateful that you were able to take on my case. Thanks so much for being by my side and enjoy the rest of your summer.
– AC

“Having the help of Len and his team made this process go a lot more smoothly than I’d anticipated. Even prior to arraignment, they’d already made contact with the prosecutor and the DMV multiple times- which I had no idea was even allowed. The entire process was also mostly done OUTSIDE of the courtroom. I certainly wasn’t expecting the ability to read/re-read all of the paperwork at my leisure. It made it a lot easier to work through the case just also knowing that Len has done all of this before and knew the terms and the planned timelines for the various steps that I’d never known outside of TV shows. He also stood by me. I guess I’d never considered before how important that is to have someone physically standing at your side when facing a judge. That was a very daunting experience that was dulled quite a bit simply by having someone at my side.”

“I just wanna take a moment to thank you for standing by my side and representing me to the best of your ability. I honestly hoped for the DEA to get punished for their wrong accusations against me but apparently that would be in a perfect world. I couldn’t be happier in taking your advice.  The person you referred me to was very pleasant to speak with and she helped bring me to justice even more with the Ladac completion showing I do not suffer from substance abuse. As well as my clean urine letter from my doctor I’m happy that the state has come to their senses and dropped all charges in a timely matter due to my termination of parental rights case. Justice could not have come at a better time. Thank you for being truthful, honest, and giving me the  best advice that you possibly could give. Thank you for believing in me. I appreciate all that you have done for me to bring the truth to light. This has taken the hugest weight lifted right off me as well as my family’s shoulders.” — TS

“I highly recommend Len. I was arrested for DUI and had a difficult case to win as I failed the breathalyzer and then declined to take the blood test among other mistakes. A successful lawyer friend of mine referred me to Len. Also of interest, another friend of mine referred me to another lawyer and when I contacted that other lawyer and told him where the jurisdiction was, that lawyer actually also recommended Len. Len explained the process, that winning the administrative hearing would be difficult but would also be helpful in obtaining favorable evidence. During the administrative hearing, he obtained enough information to build questions on the legality of pulling me over, leveraging a case in another state. With that research and other valid issues Len rose, the prosecutor eventually offered a settlement. While Len thought we could still win the case outright, he provided thoughtful counsel and I eventually decided to settle for a moving violation. Throughout the process, Len kept me informed and it was very clear to me that knows every nuance about the DUI process. Also much of this was during the peak of COVID and Len was still willing to go to court in person if it helped my case.” — G

“I had a pretty complicated case and had no idea where to turn or what to do. All the odds were against me. A DWI in the middle of nowhere with a rookie trying to make a name for himself. I called around and immediately stopped once I found Leonard. He did not make me feel pressured at all. I felt completely comfortable. I admit I was hesitant along the way at certain points, but he set me at ease and kept me updated constantly. Gave me every type of scenario my case could go , and was always honest and upfront! In court he stood up for me and fought for me and WON! And to top it off it was right before Christmas! I truly am so grateful and would recommend Leonard if your in need of a light at the end of the tunnel. Truly worth EVERY penny!” — NB

New Hampshire DWI Lawyer Len Harden

I recommend Len, He was very professional, and he got back to me in a timely fashion. He was able to explain a lot about the process. And knew a lot of people within the system. Consider Len if your having any DWI issues. He is one of the best.”

Very easy to work with. I’m happy I chose Len to represent me!” — JO

“Mr Harden is a true professional in his field. He is worth every penny. If you have a run-in with the law in the North Country, do not hesitate to contact him. I hope I never need him again, but if I do he is my first and only choice. My hat is off to you sir.” — BF

“Attorney Harden helped me out with a case a few years back and has continued to be responsive when I have had questions. Attorney Harden is extremely professional. He was able to get charges dismissed based on his knowledge and expertise. I am very thankful that I found his law offices in my time of need. — AA

“I was recommended to attorney Harden by my father lawyer say he is one of the best, well he couldn’t have been more right. I was in a pretty tight spot with my DWI case and attorney Harden had no problem helping me out. He was incredibly understanding, patient, kind, and easy to talk to with just about any part of my case. i very highly recommend attorney Harden for amy DWI case.”

“For the short period of time I had to work with Len, he was very professional and made the experience a lot less intimidating. He took care of everything for me. And when meeting with Len in person, he was a very down-to-earth and somewhat comical individual. If I’m ever in further need of representation in the future, Len will be the one I call.” — KJ

“Len Harden came as a recommendation from a friend of a friend and I am so happy that I hired him for my DWI case. Len was attentive from the consultations through the final step of paying my speeding ticket and concealing my record. He never pushed me into accepting or going to trial that he did not feel was correct for the situation. He was upfront with me about the possibilities that could come if I were to lose. Len also explained everything, went over every detail of the events and answered all of my questions no matter how simple they were. He took thorough notes throughout our consultation and the ALS hearing. He ended up by winning my ALS hearing at the DMV and having the police drop the DWI charge due to his knowledge and attending forums of police training. He validated my confusion on procedures that had been used to arrest me that the police officer had performed right. Again, thank you so much, I am forever grateful! — EL

I am a Massachusetts resident who vacations in New Hampshire every summer with my family. I was arrested and charged with DWI in the Summer of 2019 after going to the store to get firewood and made a right turn at a red light. I did not see the “no turn on red” sign. I was pulled over and asked to take a field sobriety test because the Police Officer claimed I had a strong odor of alcohol on my breath and my eyes were glassy and bloodshot. Truth is I had roughly 4 beverages over the course of 7 hours with food and waters mixed in. I was not intoxicated, but was reluctant to take the breathalyzer test because the officer told me my breath had a strong odor. I ultimately refused the test, so I was arrested and charged with DWI based on the Officer’s interpretation of the Field Sobriety Test results.

I found Leonard Harden through an online search and called him on a Sunday afternoon on 4th of July weekend and he called me back a minute later. After our discussion on the facts of the case I made the decision to hire Len for his Services and it was a wise decision. Len and his team were able to defend me in court by proving that the Field Sobriety tests were administered incorrectly and the body cam footage showed that I was not intoxicated. If I hadn’t hired Len, I would have probably had to do a plea bargain and deal with an unjustified DWI on my record forever. With the help of Len and his team, the Judge ruled “Not Guilty” after a 3 hour trial. Justice was served. I am able to continue enjoying the beautiful State of New Hampshire with my family for years to come thanks to Len and his Team.” — JG

From the very first time I met with Attorney Harden, I knew he was the individual who I wanted to represent me. As I informed him of my situation and showed him my doctor and court documents, he was already evaluating and suggesting potential ideas for a resolution.

As I went through the process he kept me well inform, took numerous calls to clarify issues, and always got back to me in a timely manner. I was highly impressed with his understanding, compassion and professionalism. I’m very grateful and thankful with my resolution. Thank-you Attorney Harden.” — DP

“I found myself arrested for the suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol. I denied it and refused to submit to a blood or breathalyzer test. With this, I was taken to the police department. I was lucky enough and got to call my wife who picked me up the same night after my arraignment was set up. The cop who arrested me wanted to give me a deal since according to him I was well-behaved while being arrested. He offered me a wreckless driving charge, with a reduced fine, and the ability to restore my driving privileges within 3 months (9 months minus 6 months) if I took some driver’s course for a weekend (which also costs money to do).

Now I know nothing about the law since I’ve never been arrested for a DUI, but I decided to take the deal. On the day of my arraignment, turns out I was being charged for a full DUI and the fine was not allowed to be reduced to the amount agreed upon with the cop. I was facing a hard record with all kinds of hidden fees I was never told about. I pled not guilty and refused to take such severe punishment. As a first time offense you might not go to jail, but boy does it pave the way for crazy expenses you’re sure to freak out about. So I called Len.

I found all these amazing reviews online about how his gotten the worst cases thrown out. He got me a better deal than the DUI. I got an actual wreckless driving charge, 3 months loss of licence with no classes and a overall fee for my charge. It was better than a DUI and all the complications that came with. The funny part is how the cop made it seem like he was the reason for my reduced charge when clearly all he wanted was to get me for a DUI. All the talk he talked was for a DUI. Len had explained to me that with a wreckless charge, all you get is a 3 month loss. And no 9 months could be reduced to 3 with attending driving classes because it didn’t apply to the charge. It only applied to a DUI. All the cop was doing was reducing my fine, which wasn’t even allowed. It still amazes me how he thought he was doing me a favor. Know your rights and understand your charge. Call Len. — JR

I really appreciate your prompt response and being available to help even well after business hours. You are a truly nice person. I will recommend you for any other needs.” — JK

I found myself needing the services of a criminal defense attorney after being wrongfully accused of a crime I did not commit. After the initial consultation with Len Harden, I understood he was in my corner. He explained the legal aspects of my case in depth and helped me gain perspective. Throughout the process, he was always available to answer my questions and I was promptly informed of all updates regarding court proceedings. As an attorney, Len Harden is professional and responsive. He is confident in the courtroom and well versed in the law and how it is applied.His years of experience show as he navigates the complex legal system. I am grateful for his assistance.” — JT

“Having not had any problems in my life regarding alcohol for nearly a decade, I was charged with a DWI in February of this year, and was referred to Len Harden from an attorney in the southern NH area who had represented me in another DWI case nearly 15 years ago. The best thing I did was to hire him as my lawyer, period. Attorney Harden brought the charge down from a felony to a Class B misdemeanor, moving it from Superior to District Court. Through his knowledge, pull, and respect as a local legal force to be reckoned with, attorney Harden was able to further plea my case down to a first offense, removing any possibility of jail time, and shaving almost 4 years off of my potential license loss. I cannot express how grateful I am for this.

I also would like to add through the entire ordeal, any questions I had were promptly answered by Amanda at the office, or by Len himself, mostly within a couple hours after they were asked. Every step of the way was explained clearly and concisely, and inside I just knew I had a very strong player on my team. I have the utmost confidence, and respect for this man. Thank you Len! — S

I want to thank you personally for helping me bring my case to a favorable conclusion and your continued service in having my sentence amended over a year later. …I am VERY confident of my success and know a lot of hard work is required. Thank you again.” — KL

“I can not thank you enough for helping me through a difficult time.  I had never been arrested before and when I found myself being charged with a DUI, I was horrified by the ramifications on my life and my future.  You helped me greatly by explaining the details of my case and by helping me understand some of the mistakes that others made as well.  Your meticulous attention to detail helped me to clear my name and not have to carry the burden of one poor choice. I feel that your knowledge of the laws exceeds the knowledge of those trying to enforce the laws.  Being from out of state, we were not familiar with any of the local attorneys.  We looked to the internet and at reviews and were impressed with your track record. Thank you many times over. — JI

“When I got charged with Minor Transporting Alcohol, I thought my life was ruined. I had never been in trouble before, straight A student, always following the rules, I was just absolutely devastated. I turned to Attorney Harden to help me get through this mess because I didn’t feel like what happened was right. Len was extremely helpful, answering any question I threw at him, organized, and prompt. I felt like he was completely on my side the whole time. We ended up winning the case so all charges were dropped. I am extremely grateful for all of the hard work that Len put in, to get the best outcome we could. I wish we would have made a bigger impact on the actual law itself, however I believe we gave a whole new perspective on why the law doesn’t work. Thank you Leonard, I will forever be grateful.” — EP

“Dear Len – Words cannot express our gratitude for your hard work and dedication to Randy’s case. We know that without the effort you put into this case, the oucoome may have been very different. Our most sincere THANKS.” — TB

“Who would have thought that a sleeping pill could case so much trouble? After many years of caring for my husband who had advanced Alzheimer’s, I had finally decided to put him into a nursing home facility. The first night he was there, I went home exhausted and decided to take a sleeping pill and get some rest. Within a few minutes, I was called to come back to the nursing home to help care for my husband. And, (you guessed !) I fell asleep on the way there, drove off the road, and was arrested and charged with a DUI. A friend suggested that I call Attorney Harden, because “he is the best DUI attorney around!” Not only was he professional, knowledgeable, and highly skilled but I found him to be supportive, understanding and caring. He treated this senior citizen with respect and gave me the exact information and guidance I needed. I’d recommend Len Harden to anyone who finds themself in a similar situation. He really is The Best! — SG

“I honestly thought my life was over as I knew it, hit with a domestic violence case that threatened my career which included holding professional licenses. I knew I needed a defense attorney but I didn’t know who was the right one, or the direction to go in, as I had never been faced with this situation before. I called Len at 2 in the morning after I bailed out the night of my arrest and left a message briefly describing my situation. Len got back to me almost immediately, took some information, and addressed my newly acquired legal issue, from then on it was a smooth seamless process. My situation was a little different from most, as the supposed “victim” was using the charge to their advantage (think Fatal Attraction). I would have to constantly call Len all the time asking for advice, he was always right there to assist me, and when he couldn’t be there right away, he always got right back to me ASAP. Because of the proven absurdity of the case, Len got the state to fully dismiss the case right away once court came about, and I finally had my life back, with no more shadow of certain doom looming over me. What was even better, was that almost immediately after the case was dismissed, Len sent me the forms to completely and forever wipe out the actual arrest of the domestic violence charge. If you find yourself in a bad situation, and need an expert to navigate the complex legal channels for you that come afterward, then I would highly recommend you call this guy!!! — JM

“I thank Mr. Harden for helping me through a very low point in my life when I was arrested and charged with DUI. Having never been charged with a crime before, I was terrified of both the legal consequences and those for my professional ambitions. Mr. Harden helped me understand each step in the process and kept me thoroughly in the loop while working on my case. Mr. Harden had my case resolved with the best possible outcome in about a month. I was incredibly lucky to find Mr. Harden and fear what would have happened without his defense. I cannot recommend Mr. Harden highly enough.” — BW

“Not long ago I found myself in need of a good, reputable attorney in northern New Hampshire. I searched the web and then conducted phone interviews with several firms. Upon speaking with Len and discussing my situation, I knew he was the one to represent me. He took the time to thoroughly discuss my options, told me what to expect as we progressed, outlined possible pitfalls and anticipated outcome. He took control and kept me informed each step of the way as we moved towards the trial date. He was always relaxed, respectful and very clear during our discussions regarding the case. I would have been in serious trouble without his help and the resulting outcome was as he predicted. I have shared this experience with both of my Maine attorneys and Len will be recommended to their clients if the need arises for a NH based attorney. Len is honest, straight forward and extremely good at his profession. If you are in need, I highly recommend him. Many thanks for your help, Len!” — CDH

“My daughter was involved in a potentially very detrimental confrontation with the police. She called me in a panic. I called a friend who used Len in the past so Len gave him a call. He took my call immediately. I explained the details very candidly and he gave me terrific advise. Then, he called my daughter and gave her the same advise. He alleviated our fears and we felt like we were in good hands. Len kept us informed and was reponsive to our questions and fears. I would 100% recommend his services. He is one of the best attorneys that I have ever retained.” — JT

“Attorney Len Harden, Thank you very much for all your assistance with my Aggravated DWI. The entire situation was so overwhelming and your calm, methodical, intelligent approach helped me get through one of the worst times I can remember. There is no doubt I received the best possible resolution of what could have been a nightmare! The value you gave me was more than worth your fee and I wouldn’t hesitate to give your name and number to anyone that would find themselves in this most unfortunate situation. I don’t wish it upon anyone, but life happens…” — CH

“I recommend Leonard Harden for any criminal case. He knows loopholes that cops miss. Speaking of the police, the State Police from Troop F in Twin Mountain, NH told me straight out Mr. Harden is the very best lawyer around the north country. It’s true – he is the best lawyer around! So if anyone needs to hire a smart, aggressive attorney, hire Len Harden, a lawyer that doesn’t give up in a court room. He will fight for you until he gets a good outcome. Don’t hesitate, call Attorney Harden today.” — BS

“Thanks Len, for representing me and winning my case. Great sense of humor and always timely responses to questions. If I hear of anyone facing dui/dwi charges I will recommend they call you. — SA

“In mid winter 2015 I was arrested at my home in Bretton Woods N.H. The actual events of the case were clear to those of us who were there. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean much. When the police arrived it was hard for them to piece together what had happened from the aftermath. There were two seriously injured men, one of them needed facial reconstruction surgery. Because there was no clear story to the police and the other people who had initiated the fight were the ones to call the police, on injuries and those facts alone I was arrested. The charges were serious and it didn’t seem like there was much of a chance of the truth coming to light nor me getting out from under this thing unscathed. In short time Len had me in court agreeing to accept a negotiated deal. He had me agree to what is essentially a disturbing the piece violation level offense. I paid a small fine and went home (basically a miracle). This isn’t my first time in court. In my previous cases in MA I’ve used very expensive highly respected well-known lawyers. They cost about 8 to 15 times what Len charged and I can assure you he has a much greater value. If your looking for a lawyer he’s the guy you want defending you.” — PL

“I was charged with aggravated DUI following an accident. After contacting several attorney’s who appeared disinterested, bored, and failed to return my phone calls, I found Len Harden on the internet. He answered the phone on the second ring. I explained my situation and he informed me about my possible options . He was expensive but losing my job due to a loss of license was a lot more costly. Being from Conway I was concerned that he wouldn’t travel out of the Lancaster area yet he was willing. Len and his assistant Mandy immediately responded to all phone calls and expedited paperwork via email. Len was able to move my trial date up a whole month. I was facing jail time with an aggravated DUI and a loss of license for up to two years plus a mandatory ignition lock.

After to speaking with Len I found him to be friendly, likeable and easy to talk to. The prosecutor even seemed to enjoy his presence during our appearance in court. Len conviced the prosecutor to drop the aggravated DUI charge and reduce it to a 1st time DUI. I ended up with 9 month loss of license with 6 months suspended upon completion of alcohol awareness program. The district court did not require me to install the costly ignition interlock device saving me even more money. The ALS hearing in Concord was withdrawn. My fine was less than it would have been and I was able to keep my job. I would hire him again in an instant.” — Debbie

“I was pulled over in a small town in Northern New Hampshire for suspicion of driving under the influence. I started researching attorneys that specialized in this particular law and everyone I spoke with recommended Leonard Harden as the best DUI attorney in the state. I then contacted an attorney’s office in Southern New Hampshire and they also recommended Leonard Harden so I felt very confident he was the right attorney for me. Leonard and his assistant Mandy where extremely helpful in settling my nerves and gave me an accurate interpretation of what to expect. I wholeheartedly believe based on Leonard’s experience and expertise had I gone with a different attorney I would not have had such a favorable outcome. — MM

“I want to thank you for the job you did for me. Len is very experienced and trusted Attorney. If you want to win your case Len is the Attorney you need. He is the kind of guy you meet and it’s like you know him for every. He will do all he can for you when it comes to the law. I had a DWI the case was dismissed. Thank you again for all your hard work.” — TTC

“This year I unexpectedly became involved in a complicated criminal matter. The state initially appointed me counsel and my need for an experienced attorney was obvious. After contacting numerous firms, I selected Harden Law Office of Lancaster NH. I was surprised by Len’s professionalism and his request of a personal meeting solidified my desire to work with him. During this meeting he listened to my story, understood my situation, and outlined a clear plan to minimize any negative impact to my future. The months leading to trial challenged me physically, mentally and financially but never deterred Len and his ability to remain focused and committed to his plan. Without hesitation, I would recommend Len Harden and his team to represent me again if needed.” — G.P.

“When I was arrested for my Aggravated OUI, I had a lot of questions and was unsure what to do. After asking around including members of law enforcement everyone recommended Len Harden. Len Harden and his secretary , was always quick to return any calls regarding the numerous questions I had and meet with me in his office at any time I wanted. After weighing my options in order to shorten the process and move on I opted to plea down the aggravated charge. Len Harden took care of everything between dealing with the court and the police, I never had to get involved and I appreciated that. If I know of any one to ever get in the situation I was in I would highly recommend Len harden be your first call as soon as you can.” — C.M.

“Leonard Harden was honest with me throughout my case and respected my opinions. He was available to answer any questions and welcomed my feedback. Going through the experience was stressful but Leonard Harden’s confidence and outgoing personality eased the experience significantly. He communicated with me through the process and was reliable. I would recommend Leonard Harden to my family, friends and anyone who finds themselves in the need of a great lawyer.” — AA

“I was referred to Len Harden by a co-worker of my mother’s, as I was facing an aggravated DUI charge, which would put my education and future career in the health care field in jeopardy.  Her co-worker said, “If you want a knowledge lawyer who wins, contact Len Harden. The cost will most likely be high, but he is worth every penny.  This is what he specializes in, “DUI”. If you want a chance to save your son’s future career ~ he is the best and you shouldn’t settle for someone else.”

Attorney Harden lives up to his reputation.  The evening after my incident, my parents and I e-mailed Attorney Harden and within minutes received a response back.  He made several phone calls and had detailed discussions with sound legal advice, all at no charge.   The police officer had revoked my license, which was an improper procedure in this circumstance.  Attorney Harden provided legal advice yet again free of charge and my license was reinstated until my DMV hearing.

Attorney Harden represented me at my NH DMV hearing and I was fortunate to win my case and not have my license revoked until my next hearing.  He also requested that the DMV hearing be conducted through video conferencing technology to minimize my loss of class time at my out-of-state college.  Prior to my court date, Attorney Harden kept me abreast of his timeline, what to expect and the entire process.  He was easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable.  He worked with the police officer to reduce my conviction to reckless driving and loss of license for 60 days.  The judge decided not to overrule the conviction of reckless driving and 60 days loss of license vs. a misdemeanor conviction of aggravated DUI with loss of license for 180 days.

If you find yourself in a similar unfortunate circumstance, do not hesitate to call Attorney Len Harden.  No one should go through this process without strong legal counsel. The monetary investment is well worth his representation, support and the reduced conviction!

My family and I personally thank Len for representing me, and getting me a reduced sentence that will not affect my future career and professional goals.  Without his help, I would not have been able find a job after graduate school in my chosen profession in the health care field. I owe my future career to Attorney Harden. — CJ

Len is by far the most experienced, knowledgeable and expertly skilled attorney in the entire state! He was recommended to me by an attorney for the U.S. Department of Defense and he definitely did not disappoint. Not only did I win my ALS hearing with the state (a feat that is virtually unheard of), but I won my DUI court case as well – and I owe it all to Len! (And my parents, for loaning me the legal fees).

Although the police departments might have you mistakenly believe that hiring an attorney is nothing but a waste of time and money, I assure you that couldn’t be further from the truth – especially if you decide to have Len Harden on your side! Not only is he professional, competent and quick-witted (his cross examining tactics are epic, let me tell you) but he is actually quite likeable as well! (I felt completely comfortable telling him all the juicy details of my case and never once did he make me feel like an innocuous, vapid fool – much unlike the state troopers who pulled me over).

Whenever I had a question, concern (or was in need of some reassurance) he was readily available and never sounded annoyed by my incessant pestering, when in all reality he probably had every right to be.

So to anyone out there who has been arrested and is having the unfortunate experience of having to deal with this horrific hellish nightmare otherwise known as a DUI, please do yourself a favor and pass on the television attorneys and hire a real winner to represent you, Mr. Leonard D. Harden. While he may not be much of a hugger, he’ll definitely get the job done and at the very least cause the arresting officers to quiver. — KF

“I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into my case. Like the judge said,“I’m glad you came to agreement counselor Harden. I wasn’t looking forward to trying this one. You certainly buried me in quite a pile of paperwork.” Going from the possibility of losing my license to getting a negligent driving charge you really saved my butt. I especially thank you and would like to say to all the veterans out there if you got a problem… Len Harden’s your guy. He was well worth every penny I spent.” — PG

“I am writing to thank Attorney Harden for being on my side when I needed help. You were very personable and easy to talk to. You took the time to listen to everything I had to say. When I had questions, you were very knowledgeable. On the day of my case, you showed up and knew how to keep things calm. With your help I was able to get matters taken care of quickly and was able to avoid a much worse situation. Thank you again for your help Len. If I know someone in trouble and in need of legal advice, I would highly suggest Leonard D. Harden.” — CS

“I would like to thank Len for his terrific performance while handling my case. The absolute best-case scenario was achieved through his hard work and professionalism. My particular case involved an ALS hearing and a jury trial; we won both. With his knowledge and confidence over the subject matter, Len was able to ease my worries in an otherwise stressful situation. He represented me outstandingly and I would absolutely recommend anyone in need of that sort of demonstration to seek him out. Thank you again, Len.” — BW

“We would like to take a moment to extend our sincere thanks for the work you did regarding our case. Attorney Harden handled everything from start to finish flawlessly; from taking our case unexpectedly a few days before the hearing to filing the final paperwork to resolve the case, and offering guidance and reassurance along the way. We could not have asked for more. We highly recommend Len Harden to anyone in need of an excellent defense attorney. Thank you again.” — S&H

“I’d like to thank Attorney Harden for how much he has helped me in my recent case. He was very helpful and would break things down for me so they were much easier to understand. If I had a choice for an attorney, my choice would be Attorney Leonard Harden everytime. He know’s what he is doing, he’s great.” — AH

Len got me the best possibly outcome with the least amount of trouble. He has a very clear understanding of the law and the legal system. ” — SB

“Mr Harden came highly recommended and I can see why. I hired him to represent me on possession and DUI charges, both complicated in nature. I’m a professional and a family man, and appreciated his sensitivity regarding my wife and children and the possible impact on them. I’m happy with the outcome and can’t see why anyone in the north country would hire someone else. If your looking for a aggressive lawyer who will stand up for your rights, consider Leonard Harden.” — SH

“Attorney Leonard Harden did well for me. I had a DWI. I lost the DMV case and lost my license, but won the case against the city. I didnt have to go to any classes, counselling, or interlock device. I still have a burden but no where near as bad as it could have been.” — JM

DWI Lawyer NH Thank you

“Mr. Harden represented me for a case of Conspiracy to Introduce. It was a case where I told the courts I didn’t have money for a lawyer and needed court-appointed counsel and he ended up with the case. I am pretty sure he got significantly less than if he was hired personally and yet he worked just as hard if not harder. He was more than prepared to to go trial, even though we did not go. Attorney Harden got me a great plea deal that I can live with. I am very appreciative of his counsel and would him recommend him to anyone.” — SG

“I am a retired professional, currently living in Mexico. On a return trip home to Vermont I was arrested for DUI in New Hampshire. I thought a guilty plea would be the easiest way to get my life back. Len convinced me that I had a very good case and after several unnecessary trips due to court reschedules, my case was heard in Littleton district court. Fortunately for me, Len’s understanding of DUI arrest law exceeds that of the prosecution. After listening to all the evidence and testimony, the judge agreed with Len that a dismissal of the case was appropriate. If you are seeking a professional, highly motivated and knowledgeable attorney I cannot recommend Len highly enough. I found Len to be very approachable, responsive to my unique needs and circumstances, a good listener, and most important of all, a WINNER in the courtroom. — TB

“I was arrested for aggravate DWI .18. I hired Len and was glad I did; he worked hard for me all the way. Len is a very good lawyer and know’s the law. I highly recommend Attorney Len Harden if you want to win your case. Thank you for all your hard work.” — RB

“Got two DUI’s in six months, won both cases with Mr. Harden. I have always had respect for the law, but I could not believe how far the police would go, with their lies to try to win! Went to court three times for the second DUI, the story changed each time, I don’t trust cops anymore. I thought their job was to serve and protect – not search and destroy! Know your rights, Len Harden is the attorney that will protect your rights. ” — DS

If you want to win your case you need to hire Leonard Harden. I was arrested for my second DWI and first we went to Concord for a hearing to fight the charge of refusing to take a blood test and it is very hard to win in Concord, but he won my case! I ended up getting my license back! Then we had a court date for the DWI and ended up that the police department decided to dismiss the charges due to a weak case! I ended up not losing my license, which could of been two years for refusing to take the blood test also three years for second DWI also and all of the rest of headaches that go along with it. I am very pleased with Leonard Harden’s ability to fight my case. Thank you very much for letting me to continue to have my freedom, when you lose your license you loss your freedom. I highly recommend Attorney Harden. If you don’t want to be charged with a DWI then you need to hire Leonard! ” — HT

“Attorney Harden helped me out of a difficult situation. He is a talented attorney, and definitely the man you want to go to if you need legal counsel in northern New Hampshire. He negotiated an excellent deal for me, and saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks again Len!” — HB, MA

“I was charged with minor in possession/intoxication. The local prosecution was not interested or willing to grant me diversion or a lesser sentence than a 3-month loss of license, $500 fine and court fee. I learned about Len Harden from a friend and through his website. Due to his thorough knowledge of the proper use of the Breathalyzer and pointing out many inconsistencies in the police’s version of events I was found not guilty. I am thankful for Mr. Harden’s ability in preventing me from having a blemish on my record.” — KT

“I am a professional businessman in the Boston area with many friends who are high priced attorneys. One of their firms also has an office in New Hampshire, so I was referred to their lead attorney in NH. After a quick conversation with this attorney, she told me that if she was arrested for DUI, she would hire Len Harden. What made my experience tolerable, other than winning my case, was the accessibility of Len Harden.Sometimes it is not convenient to discuss your case between the hours of 8-5 as you are dealing with a private matter. Len provided me not only his office number, but his cell number, and we were able to coordinate our busy work schedules and personnel lives to discuss the case at a convenient time for both of us. Over the course of my case, I dealt with several continuances, which were hard to deal with as I travel for a living. Len and his staff were always professional and courteous dealing with not only my schedule, but also any and all of my questions; which come up frequently when dealing with a situation you hopefully don’t go through regularly. Lastly, Len’s disposition allowed me to stay relatively calm during this very stressful time in life.Thank you Len for all your hard work.” — MC

Thank you again for your hard work and speedy resolution to my case. I am very grateful and pleased with the outcome. I am sure you well know, the best & worst advertisement is word of mouth. I have nothing but the highest praises to say about Harden Law Offices.” — RB

“I learned of Len Harden through a friend of mine. A conversation I will never forget. I had been arrested for a DUI. The state trooper had a story and so did I. Both stories conflicted each other. Most people would say ‘likely story’. It upset me that a person of law enforcement would go to extremes to make sure that their point of view won in a court of law. So I contacted Len, I told him my story. Len graciously took on my case. Len listened to every word I had to say and he asked all the right questions. Len and his team did their research, and did a great job doing so. We won! Thanks to Len and his team, we won. I am forever grateful for all the attention he gave me and the fact that he paid attention to what I had to say. I tell everyone I know about Len Harden because of his great work. It was a very stressful time and Len was there for me. A case like this is very hard to win but I believed in myself and more importantly my lawyer Len Harden” — Blake

“He [Len] took the time to drive to me and retrace the ‘scene of my DUI’ we videotaped the entire pursuit so Len knew exactly what happened. He was also able to present this to our jury so they knew what happened. He was also able to get my Breathalyzer thrown out of court because of a loophole. (I actually blew over the initial .12 that I blew at the police station.”

“As my attorney, Len not only kept me out of jail, but I was able to drive legally throughout the entire process because we proved to our ALS mediator that I was not guilty of DUI.”

“Thanks to Len I was able to keep my driving privileges, stay out of jail, and preserve my life by not going to jail.” — MD

“I had a very complicated case involving a breath test. Attorney Harden explained how the breath test is only an estimate of blood alcohol. He was able to show errors the state had made and win the case. I highly recommend Harden to anybody who gets in trouble up in Northern NH” — DUI Client

“Mr. Harden came out fighting and never stopped. He really knows what he is doing, If he says lets drag this out, let him. He’s a very sharp attorney and I would recommend him with the highest level of endorsement.” — Brenda

“When I met with Len Harden I found him to be well informed, concise, and to the point concerning my case and the laws pertaining to it. He was friendly and interested in the facts as I presented them. I found him to be helpful before and when my court date arrived. I could not have made a better choice!” — William

“He won my case, and after that he still sent me a paper to get the indictment, the time in court, well everything off my record. I’m glad I hired him and would recommend him to anyone” — Larry

“Mr. Harden did a very fine job getting me out of some pretty stupid trouble that I had gotten myself into.” — CF

“Before hiring you as my attorney, I was looking at the possibility of five to seventeen years in prison. Thanks to your work on my case, I am now serving a maximum of twelve months in county jail. Sure I wish I was acquitted of all the charges against me, but I knew the evidence against me made that impossible. I knew the best I could hope for was as short a sentence as possible. Thanks to your knowledge and presentation of my case, I truly believe I got the best deal I could have hoped for.” — ML

“…through your hard work and perseverance you managed to actually win my case. You went above and beyond on my case and I just wanted you to know that your hard work is greatly appreciated by both my family and I.” — MS

“I without a doubt had the best defense on my side and am completely satisfied with the outcome.” — Jesse

“I was facing three to seven years. I am very pleased with the outcome. He always returned my calls and inquiries prompt and efficiently. He always made time for me no matter how busy he was. I highly recommend Leonard to anyone who needs a excellent attorney who’s on their side.” — JH

“just a note of thanks for the way you professionally handled my case…your attention and focus was much appreciated by me…” — EL

“I am an out of state driver and when I was arrested in NH, I was in need of local council. Leonard was recommended to me by my VT attorney who maintained that Len had the most experience and an impressive success rate.”

“Len’s insight along with his relationships with law enforcement, the NH Department of Safety and others in the legal system, provided an outcome that was not only unexpected, but was very favorable and accepted without hesitation. Len has proven that his knowledge and experience combined with his ability to communicate positively with all concerned parties that he is one of NH’s best DUI attorneys.” — SW

“Thanks for giving me another chance, and for believing in me. Also, I would like to thank you for the chance to change my way of life.” — JL

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case.
Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.