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Leonard D. Harden is an experienced trial lawyer practicing in Northern New Hampshire with offices in Lancaster, Littleton and Lebanon. He focuses on criminal cases including all level of offenses: felony, misdemeanors, DWI, assaults, drug defense and violent crimes. His in-depth knowledge and zealous handling of each case set him apart and make him successful.

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Practice Areas

Impaired Driving

Charges involving drugs and alcohol, such as DWI, DUI, Aggravated DWI with or without chemical testing, also experienced at New Hampshire-DMV hearings including ALS, CDL, IID under 20 hearings and more.

Domestic Violence

Charges involve violent acts committed against a person in a domestic relationship whom the law protects from assault such as a spouse, relatives or household members. Includes Petitions seeking protective orders.

Violent Offenses

Involves force or threat of force such as: homicide, murder, assaults, manslaughter, sexual assault, felonious sexual assault, rape, robbery, reckless conduct with or without firearms and kidnapping.

Property Offenses

Charges where property is taken, possessed or damaged without permission such as burglary, theft, shoplifting, willful concealment, vandalism, arson and criminal mischief, at superior and district levels.


Charges where unprivileged physical contact, attempt or threats are made against another without permission, includes simple assault, domestic violence, 1st & 2nd degree assaults.

Motor Vehicle Offense

Covers a broad range of charges from negligent homicide, felony reckless conduct, manslaughter, felony aggravated DWI to negligent driving, reckless driving, conduct after an accident and operating after suspension. Attorney Harden will only handle very serious speeding charges.

Drug Offenses

Charges involving possession, use, manufacturing, transporting, distributing controlled drugs or intoxication, both felony and misdemeanors at the state courts in the superior and district court levels.

Sex Crimes

Crimes includes: rape, sexual assault, felonious sexual assault, marital rape, incest, pornography, exploitation, molestation, abduction, prostitution, bestiality and indecent exposure.

Other Crimes

Official oppression, bribery, improper influence, violations bail, hindering apprehension, resisting arrest, obstructing government administration, escape, sabotage, misuse of information, breach of peace, prostitution, public indecency, perjury, false swearing, false reports to law enforcement and many others.

About Len Harden

New Hampshire Attorney Leonard Harden has successfully argued more jury trials than any other defense lawyer in Coos County and has been representing people in New Hampshire criminal cases for over 25 years.

Attorney Harden is recognized by his peers as possessing exceptional knowledge. He has been re-elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the New Hampshire Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NHACDL) since 2008. He has served on an editorial board for James Publishing, Inc. and has written a chapter on breath testing in a book published by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Inc. (MCLE) focusing on NH DWI defense. He has been the chairperson of the biannual Advanced DWI seminar which is sponsored by the NHACDL since 2010 .

Attorney Harden is a frequent presenter at NH defense lawyer seminars teaching other lawyers how to best defend cases. He has been a faculty member at the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Advanced DUI seminar focusing on trial skills and a speaker at national DWI seminars in South Carolina and Pennsylvania teaching, educating and sharing with lawyers around the country how to better defend cases.